Marlon K. Schafer wrote:

> We had almost 7000 square miles of coverage to deal with.  I don't know how 
> many census tracts we had but there were roughly a dozen zip codes before.

We went from about twenty-five ZIPs to.. about twenty-five census 
tracts. There was basically no correlation between the two, of course.

Even after paying someone to geo-code our customer list, we still had to 
review about half our customers and assign them tracts by hand. (If your 
customer base is heavily urbanized, I imagine you could automatically 
geocode a lot more customers; we have a lot of "Rural Route" addresses, 
which tend to get put in comically wrong places.)

At least next time around it'll be less painful. (We're retaining the 
customer-census associations, so we'll only have to manually map our new 
customers. This will work until, say, 2012 or so, when they draw up new 
tracts based on the 2010 census.)

David Smith

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