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Hello There,

I am a volunteer IT guy spending some time in Honduras.  I sent the list 
an email awhile ago for some knowledgeable guys in the WISPA space and I 
was impressed with some of your members' willingness to help.  Im 
sending you guys a message so i have some feedback.

We are here in Juticalpa, Olancho, Honduras.   We have a tower that we 
are housing some multi point equipment on.  A low grade omni, with no 
back haul where other sites use to get connectivity as our Demarc for 
internet doesnt have LOS to all of our sites.   Our sites are schools, 3 
of them:  Special needs, Elementary, High School.  The current problem 
is the network is slow end to end (from Site - multipoint - 
demarc(internet) we have 800kbps, and 300ms) over 2.8kilometers.

We are putting a plan together to build a backhaul (new radios) and 
possibly better antenna coverage if it is possible

1) Our multipoint site has two towers available, we are using one of them.
2) The second tower has an AM Radio attached to it.
3) The AM Radio is broadcasting on 650Khz @ 1KW of power on the 100meter 
4) We have a smaller tower (20Meters) with some 200mW 2.4Ghz Wifi Radio
5) This WIFI radio is acting as a bridge to other sites we cant get LOS.

The idea.

1) Rebuild the multi point with a 2.4Ghz back haul PTP, and a new Omni 
directional radio @ 300mW
2) Move the setup into the 100Meter tower on the same tower with the AM 
transmitter for better LOS coverage.

The expectation of a problem: Will that work?  Are we crazy to put a 
2.4Ghz antenna @ 300mW on the same tower as an AM Transmitter on 650Khz 
@ 1KW.  I am honestly expecting RF overload on some of the radios to 
cause problems.  If thats not the case, then we could use the higher 
tower to serve an area better.

We are not running a WISP here, mainly providing data connectivity 
between schools.

Let me know what your guys's thoughts are.


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