Jesse Preiner wrote:

> I just know that we and many companies like us would have been sued by
> Cisco and other manufactures long ago and a secondary market would not
> exist.  

So you actually don't have any documentation that resale of Cisco gear 
transfer the IOS license, thus making the gear usable (in Cisco's eyes) 
to the second-hand buyer. Gotcha.

While I believe they'd be in the legal right to start shutting down eBay 
auctions and resale businesses, they know it'd be a PR nightmare.

Cisco likely turns a blind eye to this sort of thing for the same reason 
many software companies are somewhat ambivalent about the rampant piracy 
of their software. They don't lose that much in real sales (John Q. 
Highschooler wasn't about to spend $1000 on Photoshop anyway), and if he 
has a talent for art and gets a Real Job, it's very likely his employer 
will insist on using properly-licensed software instead of that pirated 
copy that came with a keygen and a bonus Trojan.

David Smith

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