I believe there is still a market for municipal public wifi. I am
finding the barrier is the cost of the radios at $1k ea minimum for a
true mesh type dual radio system. Anything lower is cost is not true
Mesh. Yes, I could put something together using pieces and parts however
that's a support nightmare waiting to happen.
If you could have a Mesh Radio designed the way you want, what would it
look like?
My wish would look something like this:
- Dual radio
- Client access on 802.11b/g (optional 4.9 model for Public Safety)
- Mesh on 802.11a (open-mesh?) with DFS on 5.2/5.4
- Automatic scan for best channel
- Multi-SSID (up to 16 SSID/VLAN sets)
- BW allocation per SSID
- QoS per VLAN
- Encryption
- Client Isolation
- SNMP v1, v2
- Ping watchdog
- Push/Pull config
- NAT/DHCP to clients (running as router)
- 10/100 Ethernet
- Outdoor, ready to hang (not a roll-your-own)
- Browser Configurable
- Tech support from a manufacturer (not third party support/forums/mail
- FCC certified as a system
- Cost <350.00
Let me know what you would like to see as I am working with a
manufacturer to develop this or something very close to it.
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