On 7/8/2009 5:45 AM, Josh Luthman wrote:
> Wow, it bent at the base?!

My thoughts too.  There had to be a cause; there's more to the story. 
But hamfests are usually run by guys that generally know what they're 
doing so that does lead one to ponder.

Geez, and I climb some pretty old towers sometimes . . .   It's the ones 
I refuse to climb that scare me.  You know, the kind that you can easily 
put into motion by leaning on them?  The ones that aren't even vertical 
anymore?  LOL!  I recently in fact noticed one of them folded over the 
guys house from a windy day.  I would appear he didn't take my words of 
advice quite as urgently as I was trying to sound.


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