I have some questions on the frequency agility of Mikrotik equipment, 
FCC regs, and frequency coordination.

There are 3 non-overlapping channels at 2.4G; 1, 6 and 11.  That 
makes an assumption we are using 20MHz channel size.

Some of the newer radios can run 10MHz and 5MHz channel sizes.

Using the RouterOS interface, the only choice for channel selection 
is the center frequency of each of the 11 channels available in the 
US.  So, the only choice, say for channel 1 is 2412MHz.  When using 
20MHz channel size, the RF will occupy 2401 to 2423 according to FCC 
rules, on channel 1.

If I want to deploy a device capable of running 10MHz channel width, 
is there a way to set the channel frequency to say 2406?  The signal 
would occupy 2401 to 2411, and still be within the definition of channel 1.

Would a Mikrotik Extended Frequency License allow this frequency 
agility?  Would every CPE connected to such an AP also be required to 
have the license?  Is this within FCC rules?

Are any of you doing this?  If so, what equipment are you using?

Thanks!  Mike

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