Aggregate Growth strategy for a public offering

What many think is the holy grail of the Broadband Wireless Internet
Business is reaching the 100,000 subscriber point then selling out.
There are a few companies taking the buy-out approach to reaching this
goal.  They are offering between $100 to $1200 per subscriber to the
owners that have built these businesses up through their hard work.
They seem to be concentrating on the companies with between 500 and
2000 subscribers.

Most of the time, the management of the purchased companies is not
held on for long after the acquisition, and the quality of the service
and support for the end user is greatly degraded (a great opportunity
for us).

We are offering a different path:

What we propose is to band a large group of companies under our
corporate umbrella.  This will be done with very specific limitations
(for both sides) to ensure all parties are treated equitably.  This is
a no-risk, all-gain proposition!

1. The companies being added will be subsidiaries of Argon
Technologies Inc.  They will operate substantially autonomously still
under their respective company structures and management.
2. Subsidiaries will be financially autonomous from the corporate
company.  All profits or losses will remain the responsibility of that
3. Subsidiaries will benefit from the substantial buying power our
larger entity can offer.  We will offer significant discounts for CPE,
Bandwidth (various providers), VOIP services, PBX services, 24x7
Support, Towers, and Tower Access.
4. Subsidiaries will be guaranteed a minimum premium for the customers
they bring to the Corporation.  Should we not be able to reach this
minimum for any reason within the contractual time period, they may
opt out of the organization at that time.
5. Subsidiaries will be encouraged to sell services on each others
networks.  This will greatly increase the efficiency of our marketing
dollars.  If you cannot reach a potential customer with your network,
and you can on your neighbors, you both profit!  How many times have
your crews been on a new customers roof and only seen the competitors
access points?  Problem solved!

Once our we reach our target subscriber base we will have to decide
between two different options:

1. Sell out to a larger corporation.
2. Initial Public Offering in the Stock Market.

In either of these two situations, your return on your hard work will
be multiplied greatly verses a simple sell out to a larger ISP.

Sound intriguing?  Let’s talk.

Marco C. Coelho
Argon Technologies Inc.
POB 875
Greenville, TX 75403-0875

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