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On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Tom DeReggi <>wrote:

> I have a problem with Mikrotik I have not been able to solve. Wondering if
> anyone has any insight.
> A summary config is....
> I have a 433AH setup as AP with 1 XR900 and 1 R5H (5.8Ghz). The Cat5
> Ethernet port goes to a SMC VLAN switch, where the SMC tags and untags VLAN
> ID, and continues to the Backhaul Radio. My point here is the MT itself
> does
> not have any VLAN configured.
> I need everything to act as a True Bridge, so I'm using WDS on everything.
> Both mPCI cards are set up as "AP" and then WDS interfaces configured.
> The R5H sector has one subscriber, so there is one WDS interface created
> for
> that.  The XR900 has two subscriber points.  So there are two WDS
> interfaces
> set up for the XR900 sector, one for each subscriber.  So all three WDS
> interaces and the Ethernet (to backhaul) are all bridged togeather under
> one
> Bridge.
> SubscriberA has a 433AH also, and actually is a repeater site. So it has
> two
> mPCI each configured for WDS, and then the WDS ports bridged togeather. The
> primary mPCI that connects to the above first AP, is set for WDS Slave.
> This subscriberA (repeater radio) works normally. I can run MT bandwdith
> test continually at consistent speed.
> As well, the subscriber for the R5H sector above also is set up for WDS
> Salve, and works properly, and tests consistently with Bandwdith test.
> SubscriberB for 900Mhz sector is the problem. It is a RB411 w/ a 24V-1A PS,
> w/ XR900. Originally it was set for WDS Slave also. It is now set for WDS
> Station, and performs the same as if WDS Slave. When running MT Bandwdith
> test both UDP or TCP, Sitting at the 433AH AP's winbox, I get the following
> results.... TXing it works perfectly and consistently.
> But if doing a receive test.... It starts out at about 800 kbps, then
> slowly
> reduces speed incrementally, down to 500 kbps, to 300kbps, to 100kbps, etc,
> down to Zero. When it reaches Zero mbps, the radio link disconnects, and
> immediately restarts itself. Speed starts back up at 800 kbps or so, and
> the
> same thing repeats. If doing Bi-directional tests of course the same thing
> applies, because it receives also.
> Noise is low at teh SU, about -67, and -74 at AP.  At first I thought it
> was
> noise at the IP, because occastionally SNR gets very low. .But....
> SubscriberA has a lower signal at -84 and does not experience the same
> problem.  Just for grins, I tried playing around with TRansmit power at the
> SubscriberB, but that had no positive effect.  As well, as a test, I
> disabled the second WDS interface to SubscriberA, and no change.
> To be clear... SubscriberA and SubscriberB each have their own WDS
> interface
> configured on WLAN1 of the 433AH AP.
> I am using embedded MTOS V 3.10 on each.
> What is causing this problem?  Why is speed received from my SubscriberB
> incrementally degrading and breaking link?
> Bridge loops? Is my config valid? RB411 Bug?
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
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