I have a problem.  Tranzeo CPE Running firmware 4.0.5 connected to MTIK AP.  
Client was having connection issue so I went out and tested with my laptop. I 
had no issue but just to make sure I replaced the radio.  New radio worked 
exactly the same. Customer was not there his dad next door let me in.  He 
called me back after this weekend and said that it was working just as bad.  So 
I went through a bunch of steps and basically he has a MAC (uugghh) and if he 
turns it on and does nothing but email he has no issue.  If he starts a ping to 
google or even the AP it pings just fine. But as soon as he pulls up safari or 
firefox it fails and it strats loosing 90% of the pings. He said the weird 
thing was that his girlfriends Windows PC worked fine at his house over the 
weekend.  So I said well then it has to be your MAC.  He said he had thought 
about that but he has used the MAC at Starbucks, 2 other hotspots and at his 
office for weeks and at those locations they work fine the whole
  time.  He unplugs the network at the office and comes home and no joy.

Anyone ever heard of this before.  His signal is perfect -62 with a -100 Floor. 
When I was there I was getting the 1500kK X 512k that I have his queue set for.

Steve Barnes
RC-WiFi Wireless Internet Service

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