> That was very useful, I was able to cut and paste in into Excel so I
> could sort. 


>You seem to have gotten the UL and DL labels backward. And
> the total ends up in the same column as the "UL" number.


> Another issue is that there are some accounting records that cross the
> first of the month. Is there any way to force an accounting record
> daily?

Do you want to do this for historical data or going forward? If you have all
of the accounting messages in a FreeRADIUS detail file, including the
interim updates, you can create a script to 

Going forward, you can run a report at the end of every month that sums all
of the data sent by that client from the "beginning of time" and subtract
the previous month's total. That would give you the incremental data sent in
the new month. You can then cut and paste it into Excel.

Here's a SQL query that will give you the "lifetime" total data sent by a

select username, sum(acctoutputoctets) as Download, sum(acctinputoctets) as
Upload, sum(acctinputoctets + acctoutputoctets) as "Total Bytes" FROM
radacct group by username order by username;


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