You sound like the cell phone company.
I am convinced the big failure in my business model is I charge by the 
month while the cellular guys charge by the minute.

Travis Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> You are talking about having to add additional resources (radius, etc.) 
> to track it. Then you have to bill it. Then you get to deal with the 
> phone calls from users that say "My computer wasn't even turned on 
> during those times. Remove the charge or I will go elsewhere."  So, even 
> that one extra phone call costs you money (because you have to think 
> about scaling). Imagine if you have 100x the number of customers you 
> have now... does the same solution work? Probably not.
> The easier solution would be to call that customer and get them to 
> upgrade to the next plan up (which would provide higher speed as well). 
> This works very well for us... and then I have that guaranteed extra 
> income each month, even if they don't use it.

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