Thanks for the in depth response Brad.
Were in upstate NY, and usually get a decent amount of rain per year. We 
do also get quite a bit of lightning, which makes me tend toward geting 
something that's all indoors or split IDU/ODU.
The link crosses the Hudson river diagonally for a about 1.5 miles, 
which also another factor to consider.


Brad Belton wrote:
> We really need more information in order to make any specific
> recommendations.  Interface type required and quantity.  Rain zone the link
> is going to be deployed in.  All indoor design, split IDU/ODU or all outdoor
> design preference.  Required/desired availability.  Antenna size
> limitations.  
> My recommendation would be Trango Giga or Apex.  We've been deploying them
> since their introduction with great results.  We have one of the first Giga
> 18GHz radio sets among others running without any problems.  We have serial
> #00000001, 00000002, 00000005 & 00000007 Giga 11GHz radios among several
> others that have all performed as expected.  Trango support has been
> responsive and helpful in the relatively few times we've needed their
> assistance.
> Trango is continuing to mature and develop their licensed line with the
> introduction of the GigaPro among other products.  They are on the same
> track to turn the licensed world upside down (with aggressive pricing and a
> strong feature set) just as they did the unlicensed 5GHz market with the
> introduction of the Sunstream 5800 series radio several years ago.  In my
> opinion they are worth a close look and strong consideration.
> Best,
> Brad  
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> Subject: [WISPA] 100Mbps over 10 miles
> Looking to setup a 100Mbps or more link over 10 miles distance.
> Anyone have comments about what brand they think is good and reliable?
> It can be either licensed or unlicensed.
> So far I'm looking at Exalt, Trango, and Dragonwave, but do know which 
> to choose.
> Thanks,

Jon Roux
Webjogger Internet Services

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