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> What's great about the commercial insurers, is that if you're not happy
> with
> how one company is ran, you can move to another.

Except that you often can't, thanks to the weasel words "pre-existing
conditions." And even if you do, insurance companies love rescission. Yeah,
you can definitely sign up and they'll take your money, but whether they'll
actually pay for your much-needed health care is pretty much a crapshoot.

Health insurance is fundamentally broken. At this point it exists solely to
drain money and resources from patients and doctors alike. Patients pay more
than they can afford for insurance that may or may not actually be there
when they need it; doctors are forced to hire large billing staffs to chase
after the insurance companies, who will take basically any excuse not to pay
claims. It raises everyone's costs and provides little or no real value to
anyone involved (except the insurance companies themselves).

I'm sure most of us have built a network on some unproven technology that
looked good on the surface, but when it was deployed, it turned out to be a
horrible failure, and we had to spend time and effort to replace and
rebuild. (I won't name vendors but I know I've done this at least once.)
Health insurance is just like this - it sounds good, but this specific
implementation has failed completely; it's time to pull it out and start

David Smith

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