On Dec 8, 2009, at 10:21 AM, Mike wrote:

> The first is to allow people to die with dignity.  I saw something on
> 60 minutes recently where a trauma doctor was talking about how 60%
> of people spend the last few days of their lives in intensive care at
> great expense while compassionate medical personnel pull out all
> stops to prolong their lives.  When is enough, enough?  I have a
> living will and will come back to haunt anyone not respecting my  
> wishes.
Having watched two relatives die over the course of days being starved  
to death as part of a "humane" end of life treatment I understand very  
well that our current system needs euthanasia reform. The fact that it  
would save money is even better, but it is not about the money.

> The second is a big one, tort reform.  I don't know exactly how we
> can get a handle on that one, but the frivolous lawsuits are adding
> an immense burden to health care costs.  OBGYN doctors are leaving
> the field because they can't afford malpractice insurance.  Those who
> stay are charging ever greater fees in order to cover their
> premiums.  And that is only one branch of medicine.  Many others
> suffer from the same dynamics.
You've got that one wrong. Studies have shown that in states where  
tort reform was enacted there was no effect on the number of doctors  
or the cost of healthcare. Specifically to your point, those states  
with tort reform did NOT see a reduction in malpractice insurance  


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