Ubiquiti's move into the large scale market, whether it will work or
not, is just happening now with AirMax. It slows the overall
performance to much less than 150+ Mbps, but it might get to the
100/user per-AP scale. 3 or 6 months from now we will know of either
large deployments or #ubntfail stories.


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Let's go back to the original thread -- we were talking about how
Ubiquiti was "changing the game" with their new $75 AP that does 150
Mb or something (as compared to the Alvarion/Motorolas/WiMAX guys of
the world who still don't "get it" with their $3/5/10k APs) -- up
until now, it's been my experience that this is an "apples to oranges"
debate (heck, couldn't I make the same argument that belkin or dlink
has had a super-N mimo AP for $69 at Best Buy for some time now?)

That being said, if someone has built such a system, please pipe up
and share your experiences -- I'm always interested in learning how to
do things better/faster/cheaper...

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