On 15 February 2010 05:22, Tom DeReggi <wirelessn...@rapiddsl.net> wrote:
> There was recently a thread on recommended VLAN switches. Such as which did
> both TX&RX simultaneous port mirroring, Full VLAN support, Ability to LABEL
> ports, etc.
> I found out that DELL powerconnec thas the solution that does it all for
> GIGABIT (24Gig + 4SFP).
> The model 5424 is the current version, that also support IPv6, QinQ,
> MSTP,SNMP3. (On sale for $600
> The old model 5324 also does it all, but with only IPv4, RSTP, and SNMP2.
> The 802.11Q VLAN implementation is complete and full..

These do work well. I don't have any major complaints about the
handfull I have deployed. We use em for cheap iSCSI deployments.

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