I don't see this being a problem at all, and WISPs should be able to play this 
game as well.  from 1999 to 2009, 802.11 went from 11 megabits to 150 megabits 
at a minimum (okay, halve these numbers for real throughputs).  Following that 
trend, 2019 should have us with products at least 2 GB/s over a 20 MHz channel 
(again, halve for real throughput).  Surely we could deliver services that use 
1/10th of the radio's capacity.

I know usages per customer are going up and it's risky to predict that radios 
will continue to accelerate like that, but I don't see it as any sort of doom 
and gloom, but a nice realistic goal.  They didn't say EVERYBODY had to have it 
available to them, nor does everyone have to take it...  100 megs just has to 
be available to 100 million homes.  It's estimated that we'll have 115 million 
households in 2010, so that's a lot of people to NOT have it.  Surely 2020 will 
have more.

I know I'll be offering it.

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

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