On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 21:07 -0400, Glenn Kelley wrote: 
> Is any one here actually sold on WiMax ?

"Sold on"...not me.  "Recognize that there ARE some benefits"...YES!

> I am not sure what this gives us over say ... a Fixed system except  
> higher pricing for equipment and a product that does not go as far...
> I could be wrong - guess its time for an education
> anyone know the benefits of WiMax?

I will leave most of the sales guys that man these lists, but there are
a number of benefits to WiMAX that make it a better solution than simple
polling or tdma approaches.  First thing to remember is that WiMAX was
designed specifically for the way we use our networks.  That is, outdoor
where we will see noise AND where all stations to not see each other.
There were a number of issues that WiMAX addresses revolving those 2
issues specifically.

Secondly, WiMAX has built in QOS on the air interface.  That is HUGE.
The ability to have true QOS on that part of the network where protocols
that need the least latency will get it, regardless of where they fit in
the "polling order" as it were.  The details here are astonishing and
worth reading if you truly have an interest in answering the question
"why should I be interested in WiMAX".  

Having pointed out just one or two of the many benefits of WiMAX, I will
say that I am not completely convinced that it is the cat's meow.  There
are a number of networks that do not need these benefits, given the
cost.  I won't reopen the "good enough network" argument, but the fact
is that for many of us (most perhaps), polling or tdma is sufficient for
the networks that we run and the cost of WiMAX makes it such that the
cost is greater than the value.

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