Cacti would be what I would start with.  I have set it up where business
customers have their own individual logins and can see just the graphs you
want them to.  It has built in graphs for 95th percentile.  There is a
plugin called nectar which allows you to have graphs e-mailed. You can also
install the flowview plugin.

    Not sure how to get it talking to freeside though.
Justin Wilson <>

From: Matt Larsen - Lists <>
Reply-To: WISPA General List <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:24:20 -0600
To: Mikrotik discussions <>, WISPA General List
Subject: [WISPA] Bandwidth Tracking Solutions

Hello list,

I am looking for a solution that will keep track of the monthly
bandwidth consumption for all of my broadband customers and am having a
hard time coming up with a good solution.

Our goal is to collect the traffic flows every 15 minutes and generate
three things:

    1)  Internal reports showing bandwidth consumption by customers and
that is in a database form that we can perform queries on
    2)  Data that can be exported to our customer portal page that will
show customers how much bandwidth they have consumed since the first of
each month
    3)  A batch file showing customers over their thresholds that we can
import into our billing system (Freeside) at the end of the month so we
can bill overages

Our system is setup as follows:
    1)  StarOS access points
    2)  OSPF backbone back to two separate 50 meg Internet backbone links
    3)  Mikrotik core routers at each backbone location
    4)  StarOS routers performing NAT at each backbone location
    5)  Mikrotik edge routers connected to the Internet backbone

Radius accounting is not an option, due to inaccurate IP accounting
information returned by the StarOS APs.   PPPoE is also not an option as
we have 2000+ customers in place and not all of the hardware would
easily convert to PPPoE.

Ideally, the data should be collectable at the Mikrotik core routers, as
that is the place where all of the private IP traffic is still in its
pre-NAT status.   We have been trying to keep track of it with Netflow
data from our Mikrotik core routers, but it does not seem to be accurate
and there are documented problems with the Mikrotik Netflow exports.  We
have confirmed that the data we have been collecting is not accurate,
and I have no intention on billing a customer based on inaccurate data.

We have a couple of reporting engines that we have tried, with mixed
levels of success.   I did contact Brandon Checketts about his program,
which was close to what we wanted, but it is out of date and he was not
responsive so our efforts are focused on either using something open
source that we can modify or just buying an appliance that will do what
we need.   My preference is to go open source because we have multiple
backbone connections and also because I have several consulting
customers who want to have similar setups put in place on their
networks.   Also, I want to make sure that this is "revenue neutral" and
can pay for for itself in the overage billing after it is installed.

We can install either a switch or a transparent bandwidth monitoring
server of some kind between the core and NAT servers to collect the data
flows.    My lead tech and I are both Linux savvy, and would prefer
something that runs on Linux.

I recall that Travis Johnson posted a description of an open source,
linux-based system that he uses to track bandwidth, but I cannot find
the email where he lays all of the elements out.   Does anyone have any
recommendations for this situation?


Matt Larsen

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