I second everybody else's enthusiasm and appreciation for the
committee's efforts here. This is one of the primary reasons we are a
WISPA member and I recommend annual we continue contributing to this
group. Thanks again guys!


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Last Wednesday, March 31, the WISPA FCC Committee assisted by the WISPA
Promotions Committee met with top managers of the FCC Office of
Engineering and Technology (OET) at FCC Headquarters in Washington D.C. 
to discuss the status of WISPA's TV Whitespaces filings.

The following Members represented WISPA. Ryan Spott, Alex Phillips, John
Scriver, and Jack Unger. The WISPA Team was assisted by Steve Coran of
Rini/Coran LLC in Washington.

All Team Members made valuable contributions to the effort and we all
feel that the meeting went well. Our goal was to ask the FCC take
favorable action soon on WISPA's Petitions to adjust the TV Whitespace
rules by making corrections to several problem areas, thereby making
WISP use of the Whitespaces more practical and more successful.

I'm attaching a more detailed report (.doc file) and also the official
written filing (PDF) that WISPA is required to make after every meeting
with the FCC. A copy of our FCC PowerPoint presentation is also required
to be part of our written filing. To easily view our presentation,
please rotate the attached PDF clockwise 90 degrees in your Adobe Reader

Your questions and constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jack Unger
WISPA FCC Committee Chair

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