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> What issues?  I've been running it on two links for some time now and have
> noticed anything yet.  Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

I don't know what issues specifically Trango was referring to, but while the
1.3.0 firmware has been on their Web site for a couple months, it was only
"officially" released about two weeks ago (and one of the files was quietly
updated in the interim). Trango Support told me not to use it, even though
it was on their FTP site for quite a while (labeled "pending release"), due
to some unspecified concerns they had.

I did install it on two Apex links (one 11Ghz, one 23GHz) as soon as they
said it was a final release, and I'm happy with it. While it introduced a
new cosmetic bug (the Web interface no longer shows the correct Tx/Rx
profiles in use, or the Ethernet interfaces' status if you use RPS), that's
a minor detail to me. The CLI has correct information for both of those, and
the fact that RPS actually WORKS properly (after two years of not working
reliably) brings me so much joy.

David Smith

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