The response to my request has been overwhelming, this morning it was 
amazing, response after great response.  Because of the strong 
insistence that Mikrotik is so great we are trying to make it work.  
Dennis helped a lot by setting up remote sys log using software we 
already have.  We are setting up Network Monitoring, as we speak and we 
are already catching some culprits that have been causing a little 
havoc.  With our upgrade to 100MB next week we wanted hardware that can 
handle it, this is a learning process and we're so happy to have had the 
help in better understanding networks.

We won't overreact and just dump Mikrotik but now with the ability to 
maybe catch what's causing the problem we can rest a little easier 
knowing that when it happens, and it will, we can read the log file and 
hope it's "something so simple we'll just kick ourselves", as Dennis 
said, we hope so.  The offers for help included three members committing 
to "fly up there this weekend" if we need them, Wow what a great group 
of people here!

Thanks to everyone for their help, it's the best of WISPA when everyone 
pitches in to help a WISP in trouble.

Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

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