I just took delivery on a 100MB Fiber connection from Charter, we're 
perplexed at the variable speed tests we are getting.  Charter's varies 
from 25 to 50MB down, speedtest.net goes to about 20-25MB down and 30 
up, speakeasy doesn't go above 20MB.  Charter says the cap is off on our 
100MB so it should be showing that.

The anatomy of our network is fiber to our head-end, goes to a Charter 
switch then to our Cisco 2811, then to a gig netgear switch.  We're 
doing our speed tests on a standard browser (Firefox) in a Windows 2003 
box that has a 10/100 ethernet (about 8 feet) to the gig switch.  I'm 
debating if the 2811 is hefty enough to handle the 100MB, any ideas?


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