I'm finally getting a minute to respond, WISPA has been very busy at this show and I'm manning the booth right now.  Its been pretty constant and I brought my laptop, already signed up a new vendor member and a principal member.  This is a different show than the Regional meeting with other WISP groups here and vendors that we normally would not see at a WISP show such as fiber, WiMax and a huge display with DISH featuring 3D.  I'm glad they aren't running 3D videos of Marlon climbing a tower :)  They are likely losing money because they did everything first class from registration to the meals.  Great speakers: Charlie the CEO of DISH was engaging, Johnathan Adelesten (sp?) of RUS took all the heated questions with grace.

>From my standpoint DISH donated their legal counsel to help me put together a summit that I will announce soon after we work it out in committee.  I guess the point I'm making is while it is 85% WISP's here we're meeting lots of very influential people that open up a lot of new opportunities for our members.  The other groups and vendors are well aware of WISPA's primary role here and Oxford has put Rick in front of everyone as much as possible, I feel badly more didn't come because I'm getting almost as much from this as I did the Regional Show in a different way, we all know the members or have seen them on the list, this is like new territory...... had to take a time out from writing this signed up two more members, sweet!  OH, Matt just showed up to relieve me.. off to the mapping seminar... this is a great show!

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There's your update, we're having fun its  

On 11/2/2010 11:38 AM, Victoria Proffer wrote:

The Expo must be wonderful since we haven’t had an update ;-)


Packed?  Informative?  Lots of networking?


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