Rackspace has a pretty good deal and flexible for their cloud 'nix
stuff. Not sure about Windows.




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I know this is a bit OT, but...


I'm looking for options for DNS redundancy.  In a nutshell, we have two
datacenters in two different cities.  We need to have some redundancy
for our publicly accessible servers.  We do NOT want to do round-robin
DNS,  and auto-failover options are either not available or too costly
at this time - we will make manual DNS changes as needed if our primary
datacenter goes down.  I'm looking for some place that I can offers
either a virtual server, or that will do DNS hosting that is located in
a highly redundant facility.  Prefer something on clustered servers in a
colo center, NOT in the Dallas metroplex.   We want something totally
independent of our two current data centers.  


Any recommendations?  Thanks!


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