As I pack my bags for another trip to Washington DC from far away 
Washington State I wanted to remind members of what WISPA does for you.  
I will be meeting with the offices of two Senators, a Congressman, the 
NTIA Chief of Staff, FCC's Mapping Chief, the author of the 50 Billion 
Unlicensed Study and more next week.  Based on the results we've had in 
the past with making sure Unlicensed stays a part of the National debate 
in the Spectrum Legislation just passed, and inclusion in everything 
from USF to helping fellow WISP's during disasters there is no 
organization representing your future better than WISPA.

Attending our Trade Shows gives us the financial ability to have a 
constant and powerful voice in Washington D.C.. Politicians, regulators, 
and the big Corporate bullies would like nothing better than to 
micro-manage and restrict your ability to make money and have fair rules 
to work with.  Additionally the trade shows is where we can let you 
know, and have direct contact with those who are setting the direction 
of this industry on your behalf.  We always need that feedback to make 
sure we truly represent and gain your ideas of how we can make the life 
of WISP's and our Vendors easier to do business.

The time to get reasonable air fares is getting tight so I ask that you 
sign up for ISP America at and make 
your flight or other reservations today.  Don't forget to attend my 
"Regulatory Creep" session and the many other great sessions in every 
aspect of Wireless.

The value you will get from our show will educate both you and us as how 
we can be a force to continue our mission of introducing progressive 
technology to the American public, plus make a damn fine living at it!  
I hope to see you in Florida, have a great weekend!

Thank you,
Forbes Mercy
WISPA VP/Legislative Chair
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