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On Dec 17, 2012, at 6:04 PM, Scott Carullo <sc...@brevardwireless.com> wrote:

> So... I really needed an Air Fiber for an important project that was time 
> sensitive...
> Go to the UBNT tool and see who has stock, I very specifically put HAS TO BE 
> US VERSION in the notes.
> George Hardesty from there emails me that his company Data-Alliance.net has 
> them in stock.
> I send an email directly back to his, asking specifically, you have the US 
> version in stock?  He emails back, yes he has verified that he has US version 
> in stock.
> I buy it.  I wait a week.  It shows up and low and behold its the 
> international version.  Woohoo, just wasted my time and money and project is 
> not happening when I promised customer.  That should not have happened when I 
> specifically asked twice for him to verify what I was buying before hand.
> It gets better.  Of course I had AMEX open chargeback on the purchase because 
> I already lost time, money and possibly new customer on this inexcusable 
> botched shipment.  I called George and let him know this and that I expected 
> them to pay for shipping back as well because it was 100% his fault.  He then 
> informs me he has the US version and can ship it out to fix my problem and 
> will also include shipping label for the wrong air fiber return.  Great, 
> seems reasonable - at least there is light at the end of the one week delay.  
>  I get with AMEX and have them drop the dispute.   I get shipping label and 
> return product to him after waiting in line at UPS (bad time of year to ship 
> stuff).  George send me tracking info for new US air fiber (I had him double 
> check again, before shipping the second time as you might imagine). Ok, I am 
> assured everything is good and the correct part is now on its way.  Supposed 
> to arrive today....  I check tracking this evening because package never 
> arrived, but hey, its baout xmas maybe they are working late?  Nope - Mr 
> Hardesty called UPS and had the package returned to sender.  LOL  - seriously?
> Now I'm late on the project twice and customer thinks this is some sort of 
> new hobby for me.  I'm not happy.  And I sure as heck won't make the mistake 
> of ordering something from Data-Alliance.net again since they are obviously 
> lacking integrity and competence in several departments.  I just can't 
> believe after having discussed all this with him several times, and us both 
> potentially having everything work out acceptably that he pulled this and 
> didn't even bother to communicate with me so I could have at the very least 
> saved another lost day.  Now I start over, third time...
> /End rant
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