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see the original version.\r\n\r\nI would assume it is ARQ?  check the su's to 
see if arq is on/off in telnet and/or on/off on the ap.

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What is the [RF Tx Retry at AP]  [RF Tx Retry Maxed Out at AP]?? The SU could 
be hitting the AP just fine, but if the AP isn't hitting the SU that would 
cause some issues.

For those customers that you are having issues with, try doing su linktest and 
seeing what their error rate is.

Also things to consider are noise floor and any potential interference. Are 
these customers all located in the same area

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Terry White wrote:

we are using the legacy 900 mhz and having frequent disconnects on a few 
customers. the only thing i find on these customers is when looking in the ap i 
find the following line at the bottom of the su info command. all the subs that 
are having problems have a 0 at the maxed out tx retry. [RF Tx Retry at SU] 0 
[RF Tx Retry Maxed Out at SU] 0 

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