Cool, Thanks for completing the loop. 

The one concern I would have is that inside the 100ft section, the Ethernet 
cable would be 'dangling' without any support.. 
How did you manage to secure that ? 


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> From: "Chadwick Wachs" <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 12:10:10 PM
> Subject: Re: [WISPA] Shielding FM noise with conduit?

> Wanted to circle back on this with results. Bought a 100' section of metal 
> lined
> LiquidTight at Home Depot (3/4" since I only needed 2 cables). The 100' 
> section
> was exactly the right length to get from the antennas all the way to my 
> cabinet
> in the machine room so now the cables are protected in the cable trays down
> below as well.
> Used hose clamps to attach the conduit to the tower every ~6 feet. Since I had
> to make 2 90 degree turns on the way down, the flexible conduit was great. I
> did pull my two Ethernet wires through the conduit while it was on the ground 
> -
> figured that would be much easier - and it was. Cable is Ubiquiti Carrier
> Shielded (the double shielded version). I also added the ends with the
> grounding cable and grounded both the top and the bottom of the Ethernet to a
> good ground.

> Been up for about two weeks now with no Ethernet issues at all. Did not put
> Ferrites on these two cables like all the rest of mine have. I still get an
> occasional Ethernet packet drop or error on the Ferrited cables. So far, solid
> on the two cables in the LiquidTight.

> Yes, fiber is still a better long term solution but this was fairly 
> inexpensive
> and quick and is working great. Thanks for the suggestion.

> On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 10:51 AM, Sean Heskett < > wrote:

>> my bad, i was answering late in the evening, i was thinking PVC when you said
>> EMT. EMT will work too since it's metal but it's hard to work with on a 
>> tower.
>> the 3/4" liquidtight that you linked to will fit 3 cables. we usually run 1
>> 1/2" or 1 3/4" (i can't remember which at the moment) and you can fit 13 
>> cables
>> in it. we run it up to a box on the tower and then use 3/4" to run from the 
>> box
>> to the individual APs or backhauls. we run the conduit first and then drop 
>> the
>> ethernet cables down from the top.
>> -sean

>> On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 11:17 PM, Chadwick Wachs < > 
>> wrote:

>>> Interesting... Certainly easier to run. Because I have to make two 90 degree
>>> turns (damn "H" shaped tower), I think I'll pull my Ethernet through it on 
>>> the
>>> ground and then run it up the tower with cable in it. I'm guessing that 
>>> cutting
>>> it and putting 90 degree elbows (with cable pull windows) on it is a bad 
>>> idea
>>> from an RF standpoint?
>>> My local HD has this in stock:


>>> That looks what you describe.

>>> I have to ask - from a physics(?) standpoint, what keeps RF out of the
>>> Liquidtight but not EMT?

>>> On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 10:46 PM, Sean Heskett < > wrote:

>>>> If you do conduit you need to use liquidtight with the metal inside. EMT 
>>>> will do
>>>> nothing to stop the RF from bleeding.
>>>> We've done it on several towers with great success.

>>>> -Sean

>>>> On Thursday, September 8, 2016, Chadwick Wachs < > 
>>>> wrote:

>>>>> With two new FM stations moving onto the tower I am on, I need to solve 
>>>>> the FM
>>>>> noise problem once and for all. I've been using Ferrites on each end of 
>>>>> the
>>>>> Ethernet cable and its been pretty successful but I need to add a couple 
>>>>> more
>>>>> antennas so I am considering conduit.

>>>>> This is not my area of expertise but from what I read, it sounds like 
>>>>> running
>>>>> conduit up the tower (only 75' for my antennas) is the best long term 
>>>>> solution?
>>>>> My plan was to buy some 3/4" EMT in 10' sections and clamp it to the 
>>>>> tower from
>>>>> bottom to top and run my shielded cables inside of that.

>>>>> Is that the route to go? I am guessing I want to keep my service loops at 
>>>>> the
>>>>> top of the conduit pretty short or I negate what I just did. I do have 
>>>>> longer
>>>>> loops at the bottom in the building so my Ethernet cables are longer than 
>>>>> my
>>>>> antenna ground wires. I'm planning on not putting Ferrites on the cables 
>>>>> that
>>>>> are in the conduit.

>>>>> Tower has 5 FM stations on it, a 900mhz paging company and two UHF DTV 
>>>>> stations
>>>>> - along with some other 5 Ghz stuff. The FM stations are "lower" power 
>>>>> (250 -
>>>>> 400 watts) but it sounds like those are the culprit for Ethernet issues 
>>>>> (other
>>>>> than AM which is no where near this tower).

>>>>> Thanks for the advice.

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