The UBNT model does work well, even if the firmware, as with all ubnt products is buggy.

10GB switch is not cheap. Netgear XS708E also works well. I have found a couple off ebay in the 4-450.00 range

Nick Bright wrote:
On 3/21/2017 1:55 PM, Bob Moldashel wrote:
Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap switch I can plug 10 gig GBIC
into and use for testing new 5 and 10 GiGE radios with.  Looking for
used, ugly, bulky, etc. Most of all looking for cheap.  Strictly
testing. Not real world environment.


24x 1Gbps and 2x SFP+ switch. Not sure if that meets your needs, but
they're around $100.

If you need "a lot" of 10G ports there are some 8-10 port models
available for $700-1000 if I do some searches on newegg. I see a UBNT
US-16-XG appears to have 16x 10G ports, 12 optical/4 copper, in a $600
price range.

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