I can't comment on PMP450/m because our density doesn't justify the cost; but I can say that I've been extremely happy with ePMP.

They did have a firmware problem with 3.2, but it's fixed in 3.3 (at least in the RC I tested for them). They've always been very responsive to firmware feedback and feature requests.

Performance is great, reliability is great, price is good - reasonable for the quality and performance, and I have always been very happy with the support level provided by cambium. I've frequently emailed with their engineering staff, software developers, and even a few times the CEO. They've even helped me resolve a network problem that was clearly not related to their products (it seemed like it was at first).

Tier 1 support is.... tier 1. They're good at asking you to reboot, and checking your settings, but if you have a real problem you'll need to escalate. The nice thing is, you can. Just ask them.

There are three big points about Cambium that made us choose to switch to their platform:

 * Quality hardware at reasonable prices
 * Excellent customer care & support
 * Management software that works

As for real performance numbers: If you have a noise floor in the -95 to -98 range, you'll see full throughput (20Mhz channel) of 85Mbps/15Mbps on a 75/25 TDD split (yes I know 85/15 isn't 75%/25%, but that's what the through puts are) with anything better than about a -72dBm signal.

I've also been using the ePTP mode which isn't TDD (and not synced!). Throughput is great for the price, and with a good ~25-30dB SNR you're going to see nearly 200Mbps usable aggregate throughput.

On 3/21/2017 11:11 AM, Marco Coelho wrote:
Anyone want to offer a comparison of the different equipment listed.
Cost, real throughput, Reliability, Customer Satisfaction,

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