My company does offer it but the concerns I had are:

What do you do with the customer who actually uses it continuously?   
Do you put caps on usage (and what does that do to your ability to sell it)?  
Will it hurt you pricing margin for business customers?  
How do you justify the price difference between residential and business?   
Where do you draw the line between residential and business usage?   
What pricing pressure does this put on your lower speed plans?    
Can your infrastructure and oversubscription deliver to multiple gigabit 
customers at peak times?


> On Feb 19, 2018, at 7:18 AM, David Jones <> wrote:
> Lets say you have a 20GB+ Backbone, FTTx or a good working 60ghz radio 
> solution that can get gigabit to the premises. Why would you not offer a 
> gigabit package?
> I see several companies that have the capability of getting gigabit to the 
> customers but not ever offering gigabit... I see 50,100,150, 200 but not 
> more. What is the business reason for not offering a gig when you can on the 
> infrastructure? 
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