Sorry Jay- Didn’t see this.

We didn’t have much, most of it went South. However I was hearing about large 
hail down around Newnan and Peachtree City.


My Son told in Auburn me about Alabama having complete lots full of cars with 
both windshields shattered with embedded softball sized hail and all the rest 
of the windows broken. Just car after car after car.





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Cullman mostly took hail damage.  SERIOUS hail damage.  Some company vehicles 
in bad shape.

Lots of our business districts are closed with roof damage and word is unable 
to reopen.

Additionally several car lots have millions in damaged inventory.


How are ya'll coping in west GA?

Not much power problems or infrastructure problems really.  Network is fine...


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Saw a tornado in Falkville just now.

Hope you guys are OK, since you are close.

We have had some serious ones here in West GA tonight.






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