This note just came up on Scott Steven's Facebook page:

On a mountain top, overlooking the ocean, at a tower site in Northern
Washington on Monday, October 15th, Scottie sadly took his own life. They
say the spot was beautiful, and everyone knows that broadband technology
was his passion; perhaps he is finally at peace.

He left behind three children; Sahara, Tate, and Ty. His dad Jay, mom Deb,
brothers Shawn and Chad, and his sister Jenny. And many family and friends
who will miss him dearly.

There will be a gathering to share stories, look at pictures of his life,
write messages that will be carried away by balloons, journal memories in a
notebook that will be given to his boys Tate and Ty and his daughter
Sahara, and embrace all of those who lost him.

All are welcome, his kids deserve the opportunity to know their dad through
your experiences with him. His laughter was contagious, his mind was
brilliant, and like us all...sometimes, he could be a bit of a punk; no
matter your history with him, come share your stories and hear all of ours.

An event will be created soon and the invitation is open to all. We will
open the house up to guests on November 3rd, 2018 (Saturday). We would love
locals to bring a dish to share too!!

November 3, 2018 (11/3/18)
Location: Hood River, OR
*Address will be in event details.
Time: 1pm to closing:)

Please feel free to message any of us for additional details:

Tricia Stevens
Chad Stevens
Juris Stevens

We are all very sad and this is very difficult for the boys who are 11 & 9,
and Sahara who is 19.
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