I was hoping if you had a chance to review my below email.
Let me know if you are interested in acquiring our contact leads for your
Marketing initiatives.
Once you confirm your current target audience i can get back to you with
counts, samples and pricing options.
Please advise,
Jack Quaid
From: Jack Quaid [mailto:jack.qu...@allsysdataproviders.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 10:52 AM
To: 'wireless@wispa.org'
Subject: Telecommunication Industry Database
Hope this email finds you well.
Would you be interested in email leads of Telecommunication Industry? 
Title includes: 
Government (Local, State, Federal, Military),
Public Safety (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, PSAPS/911 Dispatch, Disaster
Critical Infrastructure (transportation, utilities, oil & gas,
Business/Industry/Enterprise (manufacturing and supply chain,
construction/building management, education/university/schools,
travel/hospitality, hospitals/medical facilities, event management/service
Professional Services Companies (Engineering firms, consulting firms,
systems integrators, law firms, financial services, marketing agencies),
Network Service Providers (carriers, cellular, ISP, telephony, satellite,
microwave, fiber),
Towers/Site Management,
Product Distribution (Equipment manufacturers, dealers/service shops, reps,
distributors, software and services, suppliers), and others.
I'd be happy to send over few sample records on your request, and set up a
time to discuss in detail.
If this is not relevant to you, please reply back with your Target Market,
we have all types of target markets available.
If there is someone else in your organization that I need to speak with, I'd
be grateful if you would forward this email to the appropriate contact and
help me with the introduction.
Have a great day!
Jack Quaid
Sr. Marketing Analyst
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