I'm excited to announce that Wireshark has a new home. I recently accepted a 
job with Sysdig, and along with that, they are now Wireshark's primary sponsor.

I'm excited for a couple of reasons. First, I get to work with Sysdig's 
founder, Loris Degioanni. We've been friends for a long time, and it's 
difficult to summarize the impact he's had on Wireshark. We first met in the 
early days of the project, back when it was still called Ethereal. At the time 
he was busy developing the WinPcap packet capture library, which was a natural 
fit for Ethereal and let us include Windows users in our community. This was a 
pivotal milestone for the project and it helped us grow into what it is today.

This isn't the first time he's asked me to join a company he founded. In 2006, 
my family and I moved halfway across the U.S. where I joined him at CACE 
Technologies and he welcomed us to our new town. We renamed the project to 
Wireshark and proceeded to build a line of products that complemented it. This 
was another pivotal time for Wireshark. We started hosting SharkFest, our 
developer and user conference. It allows the community to meet and share ideas 
in person, and it’s hard to overstate its importance to the project. I was 
(finally!) able to work on Wireshark full time, and with the help of our 
wonderful community, it grew to be the world’s most popular network protocol 

I'm also excited because Wireshark has a great sponsor in Sysdig. I was 
delighted to find that he's built a wonderful company culture here. Everyone 
I've met is bright and creative, and open source is a huge part of the company 
and its culture. They sponsor the Sysdig system visibility tool (which Loris 
created) and the Falco runtime security tool. As part of Sysdig I'll be 
applying what I've learned about low-level visibility to cloud environments.

Sysdig's sponsorship will ensure that Wireshark and its community continues to 
grow. Wireshark has a wonderful community of users, developers, and educators 
and the work they do is important. Sysdig is cognizant of that and committed to 
supporting that community. They will continue to host SharkFest and support the 
community that builds and delivers the world's best protocol analyzer.

Finally, I'd like to thank Riverbed for being such a great sponsor for so many 
years prior to this. Wireshark has been fortunate over its lifetime to have 
sponsors dedicated to supporting its community, and Riverbed deserves 
recognition for being a huge part of that.
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