--- Comment #9 from Peter Wu <> ---
At the moment it looks like a misunderstanding of the intended functionality.
The important point is that Every and Strict perform pair-wise matching,
returning a result AVPL with a length of at most the number of condition AVPs.

This means that a documentation update is necessary, but the functionality
should probably be preserved. Can you review the commit message at for inaccuracies?

As for your test cases, you have to modify it as follows for the expected

    Transform show_loose {
        // Does not work because "Loose" always matches
        //Match Loose (rsp_code!100,con_type) Replace (loose=1);
        // Instead use this, it will return on a successful match:
        Match Strict (con_type) Replace (loose=1);
        Match Strict (rsp_code!100) Replace (loose=1);

The Every case is now also fixed in the patch by using sorting by string value
instead of by a random memory address.

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