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(In reply to Birol Capa from comment #4)
> As far as I understand from your answer, this file is used to find find bugs
> at the dissector. That's why it has so many malformed frames.


> Cyclic message data dissection is based on Connect Request frames.
> Then there should be a change as following:
> If connect request frames are malformed then don't dissect cyclic frame data.
> If connect request messages are not malformed then dissect cyclic frame data.
> Do you agree with this strategy?

Not necessarily.  While I didn't look at the trace yet, the goal of Wireshark
is to dissect "as much as possible".  Based on the recent additions to the
Profinet dissector, I thought the issue would be with all of the "device
information" being stored and retrieved.  And the handling of that, may not
correctly handle "bad data"/malformed packet.

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