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(In reply to Guy Harris from comment #7)
> (In reply to Stig Bjørlykke from comment #6)
> > (In reply to Guy Harris from comment #4)
> > > Is it not showing the remaining 11 interfaces *at all*, or does it just 
> > > mean
> > > you have to scroll to see them?
> > 
> > They are all there if I scroll (even if I hide some in the Manage Interfaces
> > dialog, which is bug 2.) but I think the welcome page should be able to
> > present more than 4 interfaces with a little rearrangement.  It's a lot of
> > white space in the example screenshot.
> So perhaps have the "Open" and "Capture" lists have min(number of items,
> enough space to keep all the lists visible and large enough) rows visible,
> so that they don't show more rows than items and so that they adapt to the
> window size?

The list in the drop-down list is the list of interface types defined with the
enum interface_type. Physical is the name for IF_WIRED. The names are not final
yet, and can be changed, also we could hide certain types which would never
show up.

As for the position, I am first changing the functionality to be correct, and
then changing the position. Currently there is some talk to move it in the same
line as the filter selection, which would give you your initial screen space
back. If this is sufficient enough, or if we need to clean up the welcome
screen even further, that should be up for discussion.

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