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(In reply to Roland Knall from comment #11)
> @Stiq - Could you check if the issue with the profiles and delayed display
> still occurs for you, and open another bug if so?

Bullet 1. and 3. seems to be fixed now.

Bullet 2. is even worse now because it's not possible to hide interfaces from
the "Manage Interfaces" any more.  I use this show/hide options combined with
Profiles to sort out the interfaces I really use for a given profile, and one
configuration may be only one wireless, one wired and one extcap.

Regarding the referenced commit (18186):

The UI is a bit different from the capture filter combo box (different height
and arrow), and this does not look good.  Maybe this is because you use a
QPushButton and not a QComboBox?

When having no interfaces shown the text in the frame shows "xx hidden" and the
interface list shows "xx interfaces filtered".  This is redundant information
with different wording.

The plurality is wrong when having one interface listed: "1 interfaces shown".

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