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--- Comment #1 from Balint Reczey <> ---
No, the proper include paths are always collected in abi-descriptor.xml.

I have fixed this step, but now I'm seeing issues with the header files.

I'm trying to fix the headers up, too, but this patch solved the missing header

diff --git a/ b/
index 49c5579..c19ed62 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -80,8 +80,8 @@ am__v_YACC_0 = @echo "  YACC    " $@;
        $(AM_V_RUNLEX)$(RUNLEX) "$(LEX)" "$(SED)" -o$@ $<

 # abi-compliance-checker descriptor
-abi_incdirs = $(subst -I,NEWLINE,$(filter -I%,$(WS_CFLAGS) -I$(abs_top_srcdir)
-abi_sysdirs = $(subst -isystem,NEWLINE,$(filter -isystem%,$(WS_CFLAGS)))
+abi_incdirs = $(subst -I,NEWLINE,$(filter -I%,$(AM_CPPFLAGS)
-I$(abs_top_srcdir) -I$(abs_srcdir)))
+abi_sysdirs = $(subst -isystem,NEWLINE,$(filter -isystem%,$(AM_CPPFLAGS)))
 abi_includes = $(abi_incdirs) $(abi_sysdirs)
 abi-descriptor.xml: ../abi-descriptor.template
        $(AM_V_SED)$(SED) \

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