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(In reply to Jewgenij.Bytschkow from comment #29)
> (In reply to João Valverde from comment #27)
> > It would help to know if the scope is strictly Juniper 242.
> > Should the new preference eventually include also 243 ("Ascend-Call-Filer")
> > for instance?
> The issue reported in this bug case concerns only the old attr 242
> Ascend-Data-Filter (= extended types 242.1 and 242.3 as they are interpreted
> according to the RFC 6929), not the old attr 243 Ascend-Call-Filter. So the
> scope is strictly the old RADIUS attribute 242 Ascend-Data-Filter which is
> widely used by Juniper and Ericsson/Redback access routers. Juniper and
> Ericsson/Redback do not really need the attr 243 (Ascend-Call-Filter) to be
> provided by Radius. At least, I have never seen Ascend-Call-Filter or other
> Ascend-related legacy attributes excluding ADF.

Your first capture also uses attribute 244. I assume that should be interpreted
as "Ascend-Idle-Limit" for this capture.

Even though it is an integer datatype I expect that commit da9363e202 also
broke this use case (for a custom dictionary with 244 = Ascend-Idle-Limit).

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