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(In reply to Guy Harris from comment #21)
> (In reply to João Valverde from comment #20)
> > Change 22826 made the UI significantly worse on my FHD display (Linux X11).
> > Everything is too large and blurry.
> So that's 1920x1080, right?  (That's what a quick Google search for FHD,
> finding "Full High Definition", says Full High Definition is.)

Yes, it's 1920x1080.

> What version of Qt is your Wireshark built with?  Different versions might
> have had different issues with HIDPI support, or this might be a generic
> issue with the X11/Wayland platforms, given that
> discusses macOS/iOS and Windows, but not X11/Wayland.

I'm building with Qt 5.9.1.

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