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(In reply to Marius Paliga from comment #6)
> (In reply to João Valverde from comment #5)
> > I don't see any duplicates in your example dictionary, unless they were
> > omitted for brevity. One entry shown is for VSA 11 (Alc-Subsc-ID-Str) and
> > the other is for EVS-1 11 (Alc-Ext-Attribute3).
> > 
> > It's unclear to me whether you are using the word "same" to describe both or
> > not.
> > 
> > I quickly tested this again and it's not loading the custom dictionary how
> > I'd expect. Appears to be one of the problems you are having, so that's
> > good. I need to check that later.
> I use different custom dictionary (different from the attached sample) where
> I had duplicates. But this is not an issue any more.
> The issue is that now we have two entries (as you wrote):
> VSA   11 (Alc-Subsc-ID-Str)
> EVS-1 11 (Alc-Ext-Attribute3)
> There are not duplicates but the filter is still not created.
> When I remove "EVS-1 11 (Alc-Ext-Attribute3)" the filter for
> Alc-Subsc-ID-Str is created.

I cannot reproduce this, can you attach again a minimal but complete dictionary
to this bug that I can use to test?

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