--- Comment #15 from Guy Harris <> ---
(In reply to Mike Baker from comment #14)
> Thanks for your comments, Guy, as well as renaming the title of this bug.
> My understanding of the proper folder for .lua files is C:\Program
> Files\Wireshark\plugins\2.4.0.

That's the *global* directory for Lua plugins.  That's for plugins that should
be considered part of the installation.

The *personal* directory for Lua plugins, which is for your own personal
plugins, is the "plugins" directory under your personal configuration
directory; that's %APPDATA%\Wireshark on Windows (or %USERPROFILE%\Application
Data\Wireshark if %APPDATA% isn't set), and ~/.config/wireshark on UN*X (or
~/.wireshark if ~/.config/wireshark doesn't exist).

That's the directory I was using.

The scan for Lua plugins also searches *subdirectories* of the Lua plugin

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