--- Comment #16 from Guy Harris <> ---
(In reply to Mike Baker from comment #14)
> BTW, when I copied the .lua files to the "plugins" folder, namely C:\Program
> Files\Wireshark\plugins, I also get no complaints.  But if then I open a
> .pcap file that the dissector should handle, it doesn't.

That's because that's not the right directory for *global* plugins.

But when I put twcssp.lua in my *personal* plugin folder, either on macOS with
a tip-of-the-master-branch build or on Windows 7 with the 2.4.0 release, I get
no complaints, *and* dsmcc_ssp is a valid protocol in the display filter field,
and if I type a "." after it, it gives me a list of the fields, so presumably
that dissector is loaded.

So I can't reproduce this, even on Windows.

Try un-installing Wireshark, *deleting C:\Program Files\Wireshark*, making sure
there's nothing with a name containing "Wireshark" in C:\Program files, and
then re-downloading and re-installing 2.4.0.  Then try installing your Lua
plugins, and see what happens.

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