--- Comment #19 from Guy Harris <> ---
(In reply to Mike Baker from comment #18)
> Thank you, Stig!
> Indeed, that was the problem with the handling of the lua code using
> ftypes.ETHER.  I had copied the older .lua file across, not realizing there
> had been changes.

"Copied" as in "overwrote the 2.4.0 init.lua under C:\Program Files\Wireshark
with the 2.2.8 one", or as in "copied the 2.2.8 init.lua from C:\Program
Files\Wireshark to your personal configuration directory"?

You should never do the first of those, as init.lua is part of the Wireshark
release and is subject to change from release to release - if you are making
changes to the global init.lua file, you need to record the changes and, when
you upgrade to a new version of Wireshark, apply those changes to the file that
comes with Wireshark.

You shouldn't need to do the second of those - your personal init.lua is run
*in addition to* the global init.lua, not *instead of* the global init.lua.

Also, what changes did you make to init.lua?

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