--- Comment #21 from Guy Harris <> ---
(In reply to Mike Baker from comment #20)
> Guy, our company has 5 dissectors for custom protocols we use.  Previously,
> we had been copying these .lua files to C:\Program
> Files\Wireshark\plugins\x.y.z folder each time a new wireshark release was
> available -- otherwise the .lua files would be gone after the upgrade.

So are these on personal computers, in the true sense of the word "personal" -
i.e., only one person uses it - or are they either shared computers (e.g., in a
lab) or servers?

If they're truly *personal* computers, an alternative would be to install the
custom dissectors in the personal configuration directory of the user whose
computer it is.

If not, then:

> A
> recently-discovered alternative was to instead copy the .lua files to
> C:\Program Files\Wireshark\, and just append the "dofile" lines, one per
> dissector, at the bottom of init.lua, per the example below:
> dofile(DATA_DIR.."dsmcc_dissector.lua")
> dofile(DATA_DIR.."twcssp.lua")

perhaps there needs to be a global directory, probably under Program
Files\Wireshark, for site modifications such as plugins.  That directory would
*not* be affected by an upgrade - either the upgrade would leave it alone, or,
if necessary, it'd move it out of the way and move it back when the upgrade is

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