--- Comment #25 from Mike Baker <> ---
Once again, many thanks to you, Guy -- I did just what you said in the comment
below, and it works great!  I had been trying to figure out a way for years on
how to keep from having to reinstall the dissectors with each upgrade of
wireshark.  :-)

Your comment:
"Then you might want to try just putting the scripts in
%APPDATA%\Wireshark\plugins; that way, you don't have to change init.lua at
all, and upgrades won't affect the scripts at all."

Just out of curiosity, where did find this information?  All I could find on
%APPDATA%\wireshark\plugins was here, and it didn't explicitly recommend to put
dissector .lua files in this folder:

It would seem reasonable to add this info to, perhaps?


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