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--- Comment #13 from Guy Harris <> ---
I've checked in a change that allows the plugin's read routine to indicate
whether the block in question is one that should be returned by wtap_read() and
wtap_seek_read() and passed to dissectors or is one that is processed
internally in the plugin's read routine to, for example, update some internal
state, and should not be returned by wtap_read() or wtap_seek_read() and passed
to dissectors.

The plugin read routine is now passed a pointer to a wtapng_block_t; that
structure contains pointers to the struct wtap_pkthdr and the Buffer that were
formerly passed as individual arguments.  The structure also contains a Boolean
field "internal", which should be set to TRUE if the packet is processed
internally by the read routine and shouldn't be returned and FALSE if the
packet should be returned.

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